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Mission: To serve, inspire and help the less fortunate children of the Louisville metro.

The News examined federal and state public records, consulted with charity watch groups and other industry professionals, and interviewed board members, tax attorney and Dalton Foundation grantees. The review found that Prolanthropy not only took advantage of unsolicited donations from Bills fans, but the nonprofits it runs are submitting tax records that obscure how the money was used.

How did the Dalton react?

Jordan Dalton said the Dalton Foundation has ended its relationship with Prolanthropy and that the nonprofit will donate all money directly to hospitals “so that 100% of the proceeds will go to families in need.” This concerns future donations.

Some on social media have the misconception that the Daltons are using their own money to repay funds that have gone to Prolanthropy to make Bills fan donations “full.” This is not the case.

Jordan Dalton estimated that she and her husband had donated $ 300,000 to the association since its inception in 2011. Like all donations, Prolanthropy was entitled to 22.5%.

There was $ 83,000 left in the Dalton Foundation account at the end of 2019, according to public records.

Do foundation management companies list administrative and marketing expenses on their websites? Are they required by law to do so?

This information does not necessarily have to be published on the websites of management companies, however, all non-profit organizations except the smallest ones must disclose this information on annual tax returns known as Form 990.


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