With Soaring Inflation, Access to Experienced Tax Advisors Needed More Than Ever, Says Triple J Canada Consulting

The Ontario-based accounting and tax advisory firm stresses the critical need for access to experienced tax advisors in the face of a global economic crisis.

The Accounting and tax advice in Ontario Businesses point to the critical need for access to experienced tax advisers in the face of a global economic crisis.

While Canada is not the only global economy struggling to respond adequately, in a context of inflation reaching 8.1% in July 2022, the highest level since January 1983, Triple J Canada Consulting stresses the importance of control all tax aspects, in particular personnel. In light of the news, a spokesperson for the consultancy said: “Individuals bear the greatest burden of this cost of living crisis. We have seen a number of customers contact us hoping that together we can find a solution to offset some of this. Inflation has an impact on all taxes. So many people are living paycheck to paycheck these days that it absolutely makes sense to look for ways to stabilize certain expenses, which includes making strict, precise, and informed decisions when it comes to things like tax returns.

The advisory firm provides a wide range of personal tax services, from tax planning to filings and adjustments for students, self-employed people, homeowners and more. Bringing a wealth of experience, Triple J Canada is committed to making a potential difference and supporting Ontario residents during this time of uncertainty.

As everywhere in Canada, there have been increases in taxes such as income, property, utilities or car insurance, looking ahead, the spokesperson added: “For the tax season Previously, in April, there were policy updates and the government is required to announce additional support in other areas of taxation to offset some of the burden. For example, according to the Climate Action Incentive (CAI), residents of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta should have received the first quarterly payment on July 15.e. The problem is that many residents are unaware of this and the fact that they have to register, which means that anyone who desperately needs any kind of help is not getting it. This is one of the drivers for us as Triple J and the motivating factor to provide the highest level of services to identify any efficiencies that could make a big difference”.

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Offering an impressive range of accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses to the residents and small businesses of Mississauga and Toronto, Triple J Canada Consulting is proud of its longstanding reputation. The team is made up of experienced, committed and solution-oriented individuals who always focus on the specific needs of the client and provide tailored advice and support.

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