UMass Lowell iHubs Schedule Free Marketing and Financial Planning Workshops for Businesses


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The UMass Lowell Innovation Hub is teaming up with York IE, based in Manchester, NH, to present two free workshops for startups and growing businesses.

The first event is “Drumbeat Marketing: How to make your startup’s voice heard”. It takes place on Wednesday October 6 at noon at iHub Haverhill, 2 Merrimack St., third floor, with an online option. Kate Campbell, vice president of advisory services at York IE, leads the workshop that guides businesses and startups on how to stand out in a crowded field and on a tight budget.

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The second event, “Financial Planning and Modeling for Startups,” takes place Thursday, November 18 at noon at iHub Lowell, 110 Canal St., 3rd Floor, Lowell, with an online option. Janelle Gorman, Chief Financial Officer of York IE, helps participants learn how to create a comprehensive and adaptable financial model that enables entrepreneurs to run their businesses effectively.

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