Township votes on medical marijuana stores on Tuesday, ordinance


Township officials are meeting at the city office on Thursday to approve a policy on remote council and committee meetings, among other business. Left to right are Selectmen Carole Robbins, President Russell Adams, Brian Keene and Scotty Kilbreth. Coach Kristi Carrier was absent. Marianne Hutchinson / Rumford Falls Times

TOWNSHIP – A referendum on whether to allow medical marijuana stores in town and on approving an ordinance to govern them will take place on Tuesday, City Clerk Carol Buzzell reminded residents at the meeting of Thursday’s elected officials.

The polling stations will be open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Town Hall meeting room. Absentee ballots are available at the municipal office until Tuesday, she said.

The vote comes 11 months after the board of directors granted Dixfield’s Kevin Bélanger a request to vote in October 2020.

Bélanger, a state-licensed medical marijuana supplier, owns a medical marijuana business in Mexico. He purchased Canton Caboose in April 2020, a month after approaching the board of directors about his plan to operate a medical marijuana business and ice cream shop there and received their blanket approval, did he declare.

After waiting over a year after purchasing the property and a vote still not scheduled, in June he presented the board of directors with a citizens’ petition supporting medical marijuana companies. .

The board decided last month to schedule a vote on September 28 and include a vote on an ordinance to regulate these companies.

In other areas, Selectman Scotty Kilbreth said the planning board approved an application from Green Lantern Solar of Waterbury, Vermont, for a solar panel and services.

Planning Council Secretary Diane Ray said on Friday the company plans to open the land on a leased property off Edmunds Road this month. Earlier this month, she told select men that the city would not have to pay anything to strike a deal with Green Lantern Solar and that its “only requirement would be a 20-year commitment to be a buyer of the solar credits. “.

According to Ray, the city will receive credits that will be applied to the city’s Central Maine Power bill. Although the final rebate amounts are still under negotiation, Ray said, “Green Lantern would then charge the city about 85% of the value of those credits, with the end result being that the city is left with a 15% rebate on the energy that is obtained from the solar panel.

Also at the meeting, selectmen approved a policy for remote board and committee meetings. The policy was established in accordance with a State of Maine Law approved in June regarding remote participation in public proceedings and went into effect on Friday, the selectmen said.

In part, the policy states that board and committee members can attend meetings remotely by virtual means such as telephone or video technology, but not “by textual means such as email, text messages or chat functions “.

“All votes at a board / committee meeting using remote methods should be by roll call which can be seen and heard if you are using video technology, or heard if you are using audio technology only, by other members of the public, “he says.

Selectmen accepted an offer of $ 3,816 from McNeil Farms of Hartford to purchase unused road equipment. The only other offer was for less than $ 100.

Board chairman Russell Adams said on Friday the city had modernized its road equipment.

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