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White Plains, NY – Thomas J. Lavin’s law firms offer a wide range of legal services. Over more than 35 years, the practice has worked with families, individuals and business figures in seeking compensation and settlements in three areas of service. In addition to expanding to different locations in New York City, it is home to licensed, passionate and experienced legal professionals.

In addition to helping clients with personal injury claims obtain redress and justice, the firm provides necessary estate planning legal services in White Plains, New York. Services are offered to families, business owners and other clients interested in real estate who want to leave a well-structured plan. The planning also protects the client’s assets from possible lengthy legal proceedings and possibly distributes the property according to his wishes.

To avoid all possible complications, the White Plains Estate Planning Lawyer helps create a legal estate plan. Depending on the size of the estate, the firm may advise the client to create a trust or write a will. Regardless of the choice between the two, the final decision is legal and respectable in New York jurisdiction. The plan also helps prevent legal battles, which can take months or years to resolve.

In addition to the two key documents, the lawyer may need revocable and irrevocable trusts to create an estate plan. However, if the client does not have documents, the lawyer helps to draft and produce them. They also help revise the document and suggest alternative wordings to avoid ambiguity. If there are complexities, the lawyer helps break down complex legal terms, creating better wills and trusts.

In addition to helping clients create better estate plans, the firm helps update existing plans. For example, if the client acquires new assets or their marital status changes after a few years, the firm helps revise the plans to reflect the new reality. Lawyers believe that the estate plan is a living document and should reflect any changes. In addition to helping the client’s plan, it is legal to update the plan based on the client’s financial, marital, and addiction changes.

While there are many templates online for creating an estate plan, the firm treats each client in a unique way. In addition to ensuring that their interests are taken into account in the final plan, this approach helps to avoid ambiguities and discrepancies. In addition, the customization of estate plans helps create a clear, precise and enforceable document in any legal process.

To speak to an estate plan professional, interested clients can call the firm at (914) 490-4444. They can also write to Law firms of Thomas J. Lavin by [email protected] Offices are located at 50 Main St 10th floor, White Plains, NY 10606, US. Visit the company’s website for more information on estate planning.

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