The Elite 2021 Managing Partners



Over the past year and a half, accounting firm executives have had the difficult task of navigating their practices through a global pandemic, not only ensuring that their businesses survive (and often even thrive) amidst the turmoil. economic, but also by ensuring the health and safety of their employees and meeting the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

The leaders of the 2021 class of Managing Partner Elite rose to the challenge on all of these fronts and more, in many ways building on a solid foundation that they themselves had previously established in their company – to be eligible for MP Elite, Managing Partners. / CEOs must have held their position for at least four years.

But, in the real test of strong leadership, the MP Elite has also successfully adapted to the crisis and found new ways to lead a workforce that will likely never be the same after the events. from 2020.

A common thread was the speed at which this year’s outstanding leaders moved their teams to a fully remote environment, and their plans to evolve this work-from-home setup into a more flexible (and employee-friendly) post-pandemic model. ).

The sentiment shared by James Proppe of Plante Moran also applied to the rest of his 2021 co-honorees: “Looking at 2020, I’m particularly proud of three things: the way we took care of our staff, the way we have kept our teams. intact, and how we have stepped up our efforts to serve our customers virtually.

In a profession often referred to as reactive, the 2021 MP Elite has been particularly proactive – two award winners even described their pandemic retention efforts as “aggressive,” which has paid off for both of them – as with most MPs. Elite – in their ability to avoid a single dismissal.

In addition to examining how this year’s MP Elite candidates have responded to the complications of the pandemic, the 2021 candidates have been asked to share their plans for their business over the next five to ten years.

Here, too, there were some impressive commonalities. The MP Elite’s are all focused on growth, both organic and transactional, but it was their plans to support that growth that revealed their very strategic long-term visions. All students in this year’s class recognize that the next generation of leaders will play a leading role in these blueprints, including those who will succeed them, some of which have already been identified.

MP Elite all have formal succession plans that rely primarily on exemplary recruitment and retention efforts, which they have achieved with low turnover but remain hyper-focused on, recognizing their company’s talent as its most valuable resource. more valuable.

As last year made clear, the accounting profession must put the needs of its employees first. It’s a long-term strategy that is well worth the investment, as it will produce the next generation of MP Elite leaders.

Alan Litwin of KLR shared a vision shared by the rest of the MP Elite, explaining that his firm focuses on “the importance of creating an environment where we can aggressively grow the business, successfully serve clients and create a company where our employees can enjoy a long and rewarding career.

MP Elite should all feel gratification in their own careers, which we feature here, sharing just a few of the many highlights accomplished (so far) by this year’s winners. Congratulations to the MP Elite 2021!


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