Sea Wolves Play Bowl All Night — Sonoma State Star

Sonoma students had a blast as they gathered for free bowling at Double Decker Lanes. On October 6, from 10 p.m. to midnight, students got together to show off their bowling skills and socialize with their friends. The theme for this event was “Noma Nation,” so everyone made sure they got their favorite SSU gear.

As students gathered at the bowling alley, long lines flooded the front doors. Sonoma State’s free bowling events encourage all students to come together and bond with one another. Associated Students Productions is hosting the event and helping provide student funding for clubs, organizations, club accounting services, and transitional housing for Sonoma State University students. To participate in the event, Sonoma students bring their ID and match the evening’s theme. Every first Thursday of every month is when this event happens and there is always a theme.

Double Decker Lanes has plenty of other fun things to do that don’t even involve bowling. The bowling alley has a small arcade with a car racing game, claw machines and many other games with opportunities to win fun prizes. Even the adults in the arcade can enjoy their evening playing pool or winning tickets to win prizes.

Students at Double Decker Lanes were excited about the free bowling game, talking about how they looked forward to these events when they come around. In an interview with the STAR, one player, Donnelle Irvin, said, “I love bowing, even though I’m not good at it. It’s just fun to hang out with my friends and the energy and environment there is also nice.

This event gives students the opportunity to step outside of campus and their comfort zone to find new ways to meet new people.

Sonoma State student Cielo Gonzalez said, “It’s a great way to get involved in the SSU community, meet new friends, and be part of a fun atmosphere.”

College students are able to incorporate fun outside of their school life with these extracurricular activities. ASP hosting fun events accessible to students outside of school helps them stay inspired and motivated throughout their years on campus.

Gonzalez continued, “It gives us a balance between a productive academic life and that social aspect in our college experience.”

ASP collects monthly themes for chances to win fun prizes. SSU students are very excited to match the theme and know everything before entering. Everyone in the aisle seemed to go all out with the “Noma Nation” theme, but will the students continue their excitement with the upcoming themes? The next event takes place on the first Thursday of November with the Country theme and then the first Thursday of December with an Ugly Sweater theme. ASP also organizes many other events that help students get involved and give them the opportunity to explore outside of the campus grounds. For more information, go to

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