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SERVICE AND SECURITY: “As a small business, we can be more agile and provide more service to customers. We are a full-service independent trust company, covering a wide range of financial services. One particular area we are focusing on is the transfer of wealth to the next generation. Their new company partners, Orbis Wealth, Tim Urie, CFP, (left) and Robert Marronaro, CFP, are both certified financial planners.

By Jean Stratton

Ppeace of mind.

There is no such thing, especially in times of uncertainty. There have been a lot of things to make people nervous over the past year and a half. The pandemic, of course, but also tensions in the political system, worries about jobs and income, handling school and office closures, requiring adaptation to new virtual ways of handling these responsibilities, and frequent and extreme changes in weather conditions – you name it. There is a lot out there to increase stress levels!

And certainly, no one wants to consider running out of money, and this has been another concern of many people recently.

A trusted financial planner can be of great benefit to people regardless of their financial situation, and having such an advisor by your side can alleviate many financial worries and enhance that peace of mind.

Compass and circle

Robert Marronaro, CFP, senior wealth advisor and Tim Urie, CFP, wealth advisor are partners of Orbis Wealth. An independent wealth management company, with offices at 116 Village Boulevard in Forrestal Village, as well as Roseland, opened last April.

“Orbis” is the Latin word meaning compass and circle, explain the partners. “He represents many aspects of Orbis Wealth, whether it’s the circular nature of the financial planning process, or a client’s family sitting at a table where we guide them to ensure their economic values ​​are aligned. pass on to each generation.

“Orbis Wealth was launched to create a commitment to excellence,” Urie continues. “Clients join a fee-only trust organization, whose advisors guide them through a thoughtful financial planning process.

Personalized and individualized financial planning is Orbis’ hallmark, adds Marronaro. “What is it that really matters to you? This is the question we ask customers. We practice “behavioral” finance. It’s not just about investing. It involves human skills. We get to know the clients, their lifestyles and their personal and professional goals.

The concern for the well-being of their clients reflects Uriah and Marronaro’s first plans to become teachers. “I’ve always loved helping people and envisioned a career as a teacher,” says Marronaro. “I was a business student in college, however, and I realized it was also a way to educate and help people.”

“We both entered college with an interest in education and teaching,” Uriah adds. “But I have always been interested in investing and have seen how this work can help create security for people. “

Trusted association

Both partners have spent their careers working with various financial services organizations, and both have always focused on building a strong and lasting relationship with clients, resulting in a trusted partnership.

“We help people regardless of their lifestyle and circumstances. Whether they are young beginners or retirees, there is a place for everyone with us.

Help clients plan for retirement and succession, establish funds for colleges, life insurance plans, determine tax matters, etc. all fall within Orbis’ competence.

“Our detailed planning process allows us to fully understand each client’s personal and financial situation, their goals, their balance of risk and the time horizon to set their goals,” explains Marronaro.

This attention to detail translates into numerous advantages for the client: creation of personalized portfolios; help minimize tax obligations; estate planning advice; analysis of existing risk mitigation and insurance strategies; and reviewing existing debt and liability structures and using better options, if possible.

“General practitioners”

The two partners specify that they act as “general practitioners”, offering complete financial expertise, and each offer their own particular area of ​​interest. Their primary clients are those targeting income planning and those nearing retirement.

“My clients are generally in their forties,” Urie explains. “They’re interested in college funds for their children, life insurance, and growing their assets. They may also be concerned about caring for aging parents.

He adds, “Young people may not know how to buy a house, deal with a mortgage or organize their financial planning. We can help you with all of this and put them on the right track. We want to help people take action and make financial planning a priority.

Marronaro clients are older, often close to retirement or already retired.

“They are generally in their sixties until they are 80 and over,” he reports. “They want to be sure that they don’t run out of money and that they keep their way of life. Longevity is a consideration with a number of customers. We do the “what if?” What if you got sick, what if you continued to live longer? You have to plan for all of this, and always for the unexpected. You should have an emergency fund. This is basic financial planning 101.

“Also,” he adds, “we understand that some people are uncomfortable with financial advisers, and it’s important to build trust. We encourage people to ask questions so that we can help them understand how to protect their assets.

Extensive expertise

Each client has a different set of circumstances and different needs, and this is what is most important in the best interests of Uriah and Marronaro. The customer always comes first.

“We recognize that no client’s financial life is one-dimensional. With our extensive expertise in investing, tax management, risk mitigation and other areas, we coordinate all elements of your financial life to help you achieve your financial goals.

“Successful investment management starts with discipline. It is the cornerstone of your financial future. We work to achieve our clients’ goals through an appropriate balance between asset growth and income. Through in-depth research, tactical allocation, and targeted risk modeling and management, our portfolios help clients stick to their plan and achieve their long-term goals.

Investments will vary depending on the wealth and age of the clients, Uriah points out. “We also make a real effort to educate customers and help them understand that this is not an exact science. But we can make reasonable assumptions with reference to risk tolerance, and work for a positive outcome.

“There will always be something coming that you didn’t expect. But with diversification and careful planning, and doing the homework, we’ll help people get by. “

Marronaro adds: “Once customers understand their situation better, they worry less. They know they are on the right track. This is one of the great advantages of having a financial planner.

As the partners look to the future of their new business, they are optimistic about what lies ahead. “We look forward to adding an office in New York, expanding our business and partnering with other financial planners across the country. This way we can give our customers even more time.

“We like to interact with our customers, who are of different ages, with different educational and economic backgrounds. Earning their trust and friendship, and ultimately helping them achieve this important peace of mind is our greatest reward. “

For more information and to make an appointment, call (973) 307-3236, or visit the website at

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