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Tracy Amen, director of human resources and risk management, began the Morgan County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday by announcing the 2nd Quarter Service Awards for Morgan County employees.

“It is an honor for us to honor Morgan County employees and their service,” said Commissioner Jon Becker. Commissioner Gordon Westhoff presented the awards as each name was called out by Amen. Commissioner Mark Arndt was absent.

Ted Boggess of the Morgan County Assessor and Kevin Bruntz of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office were recognized for their five years of service. Scott Groves of the Morgan County Road and Bridge department and Jim Lorenzini of the Morgan County Building Maintenance department were both recognized for 15 years of service.

David Bute of the Morgan County Road Social Services Department and Brian Padgett of the MCSO were both recognized for 20 years of service. And, in recognition of 35 years of service, Karol Kopetsky of the Morgan County IT Department was honored.

The commissioners also approved the appointment of directors of Prairie View Ranch Water District LLC, a special district in Colorado.

“It’s a long overdue event,” Becker said. “It’s just outside of Wiggins. They thought they had a hydraulic district, but they don’t.

County Attorney Jeff Parker was on hand to discuss the legal aspect of the agenda item and told commissioners that they had received five qualified candidates and were to appoint five directors.

“In my opinion, we have five qualified people and we need to get things done to get this special district up and running,” Becker said. Westhoff agreed and they approved five directors to help Prairie View run the district.

Although the five have been nominated, they will still have to run in public elections in November so voters can confirm their new positions.

Next, the commissioners heard from Morgan County Treasurer Robert Sagel regarding a 2021 BCC 31 resolution to cancel property taxes on real property and personal property removed, destroyed or abandoned.

“We go through our tax list every year and see what may not be anymore,” Sagel said. “Basically the property has been taken away or destroyed. For example, we have a mobile home that is no longer there. Therefore, there is really nothing of value that can be taxed.

The Commissioners accepted Sagel’s recommendation and approved the resolution to remove the discussed items from the tax rolls.

Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin spoke to Commissioners seeking approval of the 2021 CNT 092 contract with All Paid, Inc., which would begin September 7 and last until they request termination of the contract.

“By 2021, the sheriff’s office will establish the ability to pay bonds online,” said Sheriff Martin of why they worked to secure the contract. “We have to be able to charge the deposits online with a credit card and this company, All Paid, will provide that to us.”

The commissioners approved the contract.

Kelly Watson of Watson County Auditors, Coon, Ryan LLC was joined by colleague Zach Yeoman via a Zoom video call to discuss the approval of their finance department audit report.

“It doesn’t matter that we are required to report to you,” Watson said. “You have a very clean health record, as always, very similar to last year. In my opinion, you have always been a very tax-responsible county. You have strong reservations. really strong position, especially going through a really difficult year. The big one that is new and that we have audited is the coronavirus relief fund. “

“It was passed through the CARES law,” Yeoman continued. “The guidelines are very specific, but they were released after the funding was received. The intention is to make sure that whatever relief has been provided has been used with the intention for what it was originally designed for, and, again, we haven’t found anything. Everything was very clear that it was about the financing of the CARES law.

Watson and Yeoman both agreed that Morgan County Finance did a great job and expressed their gratitude in working with the Morgan County Finance Department.

“You really have amazing financial service,” Watson said. “It is one of the cleanest and best organized that we have worked with.”

The auditors approved the audit report.

“Morgan County can boast of having a great financial situation,” Becker said. “I appreciate everything the finance department does. I cannot say enough about the Morgan County employees.

At the end of the meeting, there was time for staff and service updates. Darlene Carpio, Regional Director of Congressman Ken Buck, was in attendance and provided an update on the work the Congressman has been doing recently.

Carpio noted that although DC is currently on vacation, Buck has taken care of Colorado. Carpio explained that his office worked directly in support of the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan and had helped evacuate 47 people from the area, including three students from Colorado State University.

“Glad we got them all, but the phone calls and concerns continue,” said Carpio.

Westhoff made sure to note that he still feels concerned about the “30 x 30” program that President Joe Biden signed into Executive Order 14008, which aims to conserve at least 30% of the land and water in the States. United by 2030.

“Agriculture is our business and the government does not need to do agriculture,” he said. “We do it better than them. My biggest concern is for the government to step in and tell us what to do about something we do better than them. “

Carpio explained how Buck recently sponsored the 30×30 Termination Act alongside other members of Congress.

“He is absolutely aware that this is a concern,” said Carpio. “Continue to keep this high on our priority list and thank you for not letting us forget it. We have heard the same concern in many other areas. “

Becker echoed Westhoff’s concern. “It’s about being careful in rural Colorado,” Becker said. “We really rely on our members of Congress and our women to help us. “

The next Morgan County Commissioners meeting will be at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, September 21 at 231 Ensign St. in Fort Morgan.

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