Mitsui and KDDI create a new company to promote City DX using AI

Mitsui and KDDI created GEOTRA to promote urban DX by providing a data platform capable of using AI to analyze and visualize geospatial data, especially personal activity.

In March 2021, Mitsui and KDDI developed an analytics platform and services that can monitor and predict various aspects of personal activity, such as means, time and purpose of movements, through the use of AI and smartphone location data. On June 9, 2022, GEOTRA will begin providing these services as the GEOTRA geospatial analysis platform.

In recent years, expectations have risen for smart city companies that use digital technology to enrich city life. Towards the realization of the Japanese government’s “Society 5.0” concept, calls have been made for productivity improvements and business innovations through the use of digital technologies, and local businesses and government organizations are promoting DX initiatives . One of the requirements for the development of a city is the ability to monitor and predict future personal activity.

By providing the platform, GEOTRA aims to improve the business planning and policy decision-making processes of various entities, such as commercial companies and local government organizations, in areas such as the development of smart cities. GEOTRA has already started using the platform in collaboration with Mitsubishi Estate Corporation to improve the attractiveness of the Marunouchi (Otemachi, Marunouchi, Yurakucho) region, including business planning review to increase its convenience and realize MaaS . In Shibuya District, the platform is used in a “City Dashboard” system (, which collects data to quickly and accurately identify issues facing this area, and visualizes and analyzes the conditions prevailing in said neighborhood. This system will make it possible to follow the transport needs and the characteristics of the zones and spaces. GEOTRA will continue to address themes that will contribute to the enrichment of people’s lives.

Mitsui maintains global business networks, while KDDI has in-depth knowledge of DX. The two companies aim to use their respective strengths to deepen their collaboration not only with regard to the development of smart cities, but also in areas such as mobility, energy, infrastructure, entertainment and healthcare.

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