Michigan Consultancy Navigator Corporate Advisors Introduces New Cloud-Based Accounting Platform



Bloomfield Hills, MI, October 26, 2021 – (PR.com) – Financial and Corporate Strategy Consultant Todd Bartlett, Director of Business advisor browser, threw AIQ Browser, a partnership with Ireland-based AccountsIQ, a leading SaaS accounting provider.

Bartlett said, “AccountsIQ has become one of the fastest growing financial management solutions for emerging and rapidly growing midsize businesses. We’re excited to partner with a proven consulting firm with a powerful accounting system designed for those companies we consult to help them navigate and grow their own businesses. It’s at the heart of what we do. He added, “We are excited to create our own brand through this partnership which will be known as NavigatorAIQ. “

Specializing in cloud accounting solutions for organizations that require a strong general ledger, multidimensional analysis, foreign currency, consolidation and flexible reporting, AccountsIQ is the natural next step for businesses that have surpassed other start-up systems. and midrange. AccountsIQ won a Software Excellence Award for the second year in a row.

Through this partnership, Navigator Corporate Advisors’ new division, NavigatorAIQ, seeks to become the supplier of choice for many mid-market organizations.

“AccountsIQ is delighted to work with Navigator to provide AIQ solutions to customers based in the United States. Todd and his team have a proven track record of providing additional value-added services and we look forward to a successful partnership. – Mark Hollingworth, Sales Manager at AccountsIQ

Navigator Corporate Advisors specializes in financial and strategic business advice to guide clients through the transition. Whether it’s hyper growth, start-ups, turnarounds or acquisitions and mergers, Navigator Corporate Advisors has experience in a variety of industries including medical / healthcare, manufacturing, technology, security / network services, distribution / logistics and automotive.

NavigatorAIQ is a robust cloud-based accounting platform to help businesses navigate their businesses more efficiently. It provides accounting, consolidation and business intelligence as an all-in-one solution. It also offers real-time reporting and KPIs, automated consolidation, easy integration with other systems, fast implementation, and is fully scalable. Bartlett said, “This platform will rival, I would say surpass, the features and benefits of any other SaaS accounting platform. It will change the way your business operates and help it get on the path to growth.

Learn more about Todd Bartlett:

Todd Bartlett has over 25 years of business experience including over 18 years as a director / leader with an outstanding record in strategic / business planning, increasing operating profits, internal controls and managing SEC compliance. He has extensive experience in mergers / acquisitions, corporate turnaround, auditing and fraud investigation. In addition, he was successful in managing his bankruptcy and successfully graduating from Chapter 11. Mr. Bartlett received his BA in Economics from the University of Michigan, his MBA in Finance from the University of Detroit, and his CPA. It has a reputation for continuously generating profits while improving business performance. His method of increasing profits is to increase performance and efficiency, not just a cost reduction campaign. As a result, its projects generate sustained profits over the long term.

Mr. Bartlett started with 5 years of experience with Ford Motor Company. He was hired into the Ford College graduate program. In this program, he held several positions relating to both plant management and head office. Upon completion of his internship, he was promoted to our special study group. The two main assignments were to implement a new financial production / reporting system for our maquiladora in Juarez, and the other to oversee financial reporting on the launch of a new plant in Querétaro, Mexico.

Mr. Bartlett gained international experience working as an internal auditor with Robert Bosch, worked closely with the headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany to resolve audit points we discovered at the factory sites. The audit sites were located both at the plant and at the division headquarters, which allowed him to gain experience from the plant to the impact on the entire company.

Learn more about AccountsIQ:

AIQ Cloud accounting software was originally designed in 2004 by founder Tony Conolly, a qualified public accountant and computer science graduate. From the start, Mr. Conolly saw the potential of cloud computing and the business benefits it could offer.

Tony first graduated as a Chartered Accountant from KPMG, but his interest in computer science brought him back to Trinity College to study systems analysis and design.

After focusing his career on designing and implementing financial systems for large organizations in the UK and Ireland, Tony left his comfortable position as a partner in a mid-sized accounting firm and took the plunge to create AccountsIQ. His hybrid accounting and IT skills would prove to be the perfect launch pad for setting up AccountsIQ. Tony saw an opportunity to harness the power of the internet to deliver a cloud-based FMS to run multi-entity businesses on a single platform.

Tony Connolly’s vision was to create cloud-based financial management software (FMS) to help business leaders transform the way they manage and grow their businesses. This pioneering initiative gave AccountsIQ the edge in what would soon be a rapidly changing growing market. Traditional software companies have rushed to adapt their on-premises applications to their cloud ambitions, while other new entrants have struggled to catch up.

AccountsIQ was launched in 2008.


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