Merger of BKD and DGH creates FORVIS Professional Services

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina and SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – BKD accounting and consulting with 62 CPAs in Louisville and Bowling Green, merged with DHG and became FORVISnow among the nation’s top 10 professional services firms, offering comprehensive assurance, tax, advisory and wealth management services.

“Today is a monumental day as BKD and DHG officially join forces and become FORVIS,” said Tom Watson, CEO of FORVIS and former CEO of BKD. “This company will be truly committed to the significant career growth of our employees and the ultimate success of our customers. Together, our combined teams will be significantly stronger, strengthened by an increased focus on the future.

The name FORVIS represents the forward view of the more than 5,400 partners and team members who have come together, forming a company with combined revenue of $1.4 billion with offices in the United States and abroad. The firm will be ranked among the top 10 nationally by fiscal 2021 revenue and will be poised for continued growth as it focuses on offering broad consulting services and highly specialized industry intelligence that complement the company’s tax and assurance services .

“We’ve always believed there’s a real opportunity for a different kind of professional services business on the national stage, one that’s defined by a highly tactile approach to customer experience, but built on strong resources that fuel a commitment to innovation and problem solving,” said Matt Snow, President of FORVIS and former CEO of DHG.

Snow said the FORVIS team will be laser-focused on maintaining the high Net Promoter® scores that characterized the customer-centric cultures of both former companies. One of the key elements to achieving this will be ensuring that FORVIS teams remain agile when responding to customer needs and market developments.

“At every step of our onboarding process, we ask ourselves two questions: ‘Will this boost customer service?’ and “Will this allow us to maintain our agility?” Watson said. “We believe that if we can do those two things, we can really succeed and differentiate ourselves from the rest of the Top 10.”

Expanding into new geographic markets, finding even more ways to meet global customer needs, launching new service offerings and innovative solutions for customers, and creating a highly attractive value proposition for employees are also high priorities. Achievements in each area will be driven by a commitment to being bold and embracing change. Snow points to the decision to create an entirely new name for the new company as a prime example.

“No other Top 20 company has done this,” Snow said. “With every step we take, we will strive to stand out in this business.”

Local leadership changes announced

As integrated operations begin, the company announced key market-level leadership changes, demonstrating its commitment to unparalleled customer experiences by ensuring real-time resources are delivered quickly and efficiently. These markets include Atlanta, Nashville, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Florida, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Fort Worth, Texas, etc.

FORVIS is built on the strong heritages of BKD and DHG, reflected in a name comprised of partner initials that represents our single goal of preparing our customers for the future. With more than 5,400 dedicated professionals serving clients in all 50 states, as well as around the world, FORVIS offers comprehensive insurance, tax, advisory and wealth management services. Visit for more information.

Impact of the merger for Kentucky

What (besides the name) has changed since the merger?

  • We believe the biggest changes will come in the form of new opportunities for our people and new benefits for our customers. Our clients will have access to an even deeper array of industry expertise through our expanded national footprint. Our employees will have more career opportunities and mobility within the framework of a Top 10, a national company. It is also important to note what will not change. Although we will serve our customers under a new name, our commitment to exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional value will remain the same, as will our dedication to our people and the communities in which we live and work, including Louisville, Bowling Green and the greater Cincinnati and Evansville areas

What is the meaning of FORVIS?

  • The name FORVIS – a combination of the words forward and vision – not only reflects each company’s unique heritage, but also how the combined company will operate in the future, anticipating what lies ahead so our customers are ready to thrive when new challenges or opportunities arise. The decision to go with an entirely new name was a bold decision in itself, and it truly reflects the bold vision we have for the business and how we will serve customers.

How was the new name/brand image received by staff members? Clients ?

  • The overwhelming response was positive. The name FORVIS perfectly describes the vision of the new company. Our staff and clients have really enjoyed hearing the story of how we came to the new name, tying it to the legacies of both firms and also our future as a new, merged firm.

Does FORVIS anticipate growth here? If so, in what ways?

  • The merger positions FORVIS to grow in the market and grow with our customers. This means greater career opportunities for our employees by providing a top-notch employee experience with new career paths and greater job mobility. The capacity for business and customer growth will increase as we help them meet their needs and achieve their goals and ultimately help the region continue to grow and be a place to work and dynamic life. FORVIS foresees growth in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing and distribution, real estate, hospitality, technology and institutes of higher learning. The company has a long history in Kentucky and our commitment to this market will not change.

How many people (CPAs or otherwise) currently work in the Kentucky offices?

  • We currently have 43 CPAs and 75 total employees in the Louisville office
  • We currently have 19 CPAs and 33 total employees in the Bowling Green office
  • Combined 62 CPAs and 108 employees in Kentucky

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