Mariner Wealth Advisors expands into Michigan with Emerson Wealth

Mariner Wealth Advisors announced Wednesday that it will add approximately $612 million in assets under management with the acquisition of Emerson Wealth, a Michigan-based registered investment adviser.

Founded in 2006 with just $300 million in assets under deliberation, Mariner now oversees more than $60 billion in AUAs. It is among the fastest growing companies in the country, completing four deals in the first three months of 2022 alone. Emerson’s deal, which is due to close on May 31, will create Mariner’s third office in Michigan and its second in the greater Detroit area, bringing the company’s national total to 71 offices in 32 states.

“Our team continues to amaze me with the level of growth we’ve achieved,” said Marty Bicknell, President and CEO of Mariner, “and it’s my personal mission to make sure we work in partnership with organizations whose guiding principles align with ours.”

Founded more than 30 years ago by Michael Emerson, Emerson Wealth specializes in “life-oriented services” such as marriage and divorce; career transitions; retirement, inheritance strategies; and business planning, development, succession, sale and exit consulting. Joining Mariner will give Emerson’s 159 customers access to an expanded range of services.

“As we continue to enhance our growth strategies, joining one of the nation’s leading wealth management advisory firms will allow us to better serve our clients for years to come,” Emerson said, adding that the companies share a “guiding principle” of putting customers first. , partners second and shareholders last.

Emerson will take on the Mariner name after the deal closes at the end of the month and will continue to operate with its current team of seven partners.

Michael Emerson

Mariner is also expanding its corporate development and strategy team with the arrival of Jennifer Hanau as senior vice president. Hanau will lead a team focused on the firm’s advisor transition experience – “from the introductory meeting with Mariner Wealth Advisors, through transition and onboarding, to accelerating the onboarding process and ‘helps advisors thrive within the Mariner family in the future’.

In the first quarter of 2022, Mariner added a total of $3.55 billion in AUA through its acquisitions of Cascadia Advisory Services ($775 million), Granite Investment Advisors ($1.3 billion), Viewpoint Financial Network ($950 million) and Arbor Wealth Management ($527 million). ).

Bicknell said in April that Mariner “will continue to add this next-gen talent to the caps table every year, based on things like being a good corporate citizen, doing the right things for the customer, for the people inside the organization, be growth-minded, take initiative and help the organization grow.”

“From our perspective,” he said, “the more the better.”

Advisor Growth Strategies provided advisory services to Emerson Wealth for the transaction. The Phoenix-based management consultancy and M&A adviser is led by John Furey, who participated in the April roundtable with Bicknell.

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