Long Island Elder Law attorney Seth Schlessel explains estate and retirement planning

Long Island Elders’ Lawyer Seth Schlessel (https://www.schlessellaw.com/at-what-age-should-a-person-contact-an-elder-law-attorney/) publishes a new article explaining estate planning and retirement planning in New York. The lawyer mentions that once a person reaches the age of 60, it is ideal for them to start planning their affairs. Talking to an elder law attorney can help the person maximize the benefits of their estate plan.

“When you think of an elder law attorney, the first thing that comes to mind is estate planning. Elder law attorneys can help ensure that your assets are protected for your good and An elder law attorney can also help ensure that your preferred beneficiaries will receive the parts of your estate that you want them to get,” says the Long Island elder law attorney. .

The attorney explains that the estate owner, also known as the settlor, can designate their preferred executor for their estate. This can help beneficiaries avoid the lengthy probate process. Elder law attorneys may be able to help establish trusts that can help the settlor avoid estate taxes, if applicable.

Attorney Seth Schlessel says that as part of estate planning, elder law attorneys can also help plan someone’s retirement. A qualified lawyer may be able to offer business succession planning services which can help ensure that any business the client has established will pass into the right hands.

In the article, attorney Schlessel adds, “As we age, the risk of developing life-threatening medical conditions increases. An elder law attorney can help ensure that your medical needs will be taken care of when the time comes when you cannot make decisions about your care. For this reason, it is essential to consult an elder law attorney as soon as possible. The older we get, the higher the risk of losing the mental capacity to decide our affairs due to health problems.

Finally, Attorney Schlessel points out that it is important to have an elder law attorney in Nassau County or Suffolk County when dealing with elder law matters. A qualified attorney may be able to help the client save money while planning their future effectively.

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