Kelly Baldwin: I focus on housing, emergency services and traffic

Kelly Baudouin

My name is Kelly Baldwin and I am a candidate for Silverthorne City Council.

I moved to Summit County in the fall of 1983 after graduating from Northwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and Ecology.

While living in Summit County, I worked for the US Forest Service, Copper Mountain Resort, and Vail Resorts. For the past 11 years, I have owned and operated an accounting and advisory business, Elevation Bookkeeping LLC, providing full service accounting and advisory services to small businesses, homeowners associations and metropolitan districts in Summit County .

I am married to Curt Krampert, who is also a small business owner and operator of High Country Auto Specialists in Silverthorne. I have a stepson, Bryce Krampert, who grew up in Summit County, graduated from Summit County High School and is currently a lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida.

We own and live in a single family home in Silverthorne and also own a condominium in Frisco which is operated as a long term rental.

I have been a member of Silverthorne Town Council for 3 1/2 years. When I ran for city council four years ago, I simply wanted to maintain an active role in local government in Summit and Silverthorne County. This time around, my priorities are more solid.

Priority #1: Workforce Housing

I will work to increase workforce housing of all types in Summit County, including owned, rental, and temporary. All types of housing are desperately needed in Summit County as I watch local businesses struggle to provide good services, restrict their hours, close or leave the county altogether.

Priority #2: Emergency Services

I want to make sure the residents of Silverthorne have adequate fire protection services and EMS close to home. We live in the middle of a wildfire zone and the wildfire season is getting longer and stronger. Residents of Silverthorne deserve to know that in the event of an emergency they will have both fire and EMS protection and support that is fast and reliable.

Priority #3: Traffic

I will be working to find solutions to the increasing traffic issues in Silverthorne, primarily due to the bottleneck at exit 205. This is a very frustrating situation for everyone in Silverthorne, business owners and residents . When the 205 exit backs out for some reason, people can’t get to work, people can’t get home, people can’t use local businesses, and customers can’t leave local businesses once on the spot. As Silverthorne and Summit County grows, this is a situation that must be addressed and corrected for the future stability of the city.

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