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Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) Service Company Expands Expertise in Industry

HOUSTON, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Iapetus infrastructure services (“Japet“) signed on industry icon Ph.D. Philippe charlton, the last Executive Director of the Utility Arborists Association (UAA), to become a Senior Advisor, effective this week. Japet owns and operates infrastructure service companies Atlas Field Services, Gold Coast utility specialists, Hyperion environmental security solutions, and Booming Eagle Technologiesleaders in high-tech risk mitigation, inspections, security, auditing, imaging and reporting. Japet companies currently serve the world’s largest utilities, as well as oil and gas and pipelines / middlemen.

Phil Charlton, Ph.D., last Executive Director of Utility Arborists Association (UAA), joins Iapetus Infrastructure Services as Senior Advisor

Iapetus provides key safety, environmental sustainability and education services in the area of ​​right-of-way management.

Charlton is a pioneer in the field of utility vegetation management (UVM). He graduated University of West Virginia with BSF, MSF and PhD degrees in forest sciences. His career spans over forty years, including an important tenure as President of ECI (Environmental Consultants, Inc.) where he paved the way for hundreds of utility companies to develop UVM programs. for the release of the distribution lines and the transmission right-of-way (ROW) management. Charlton developed the industry’s first electronic system for analyzing the performance of external workforce management. He has also served on the Right of Way Stewardship Council and is an expert witness for UVM. During his ten-year tenure at the UAA, Charlton increased the finances and membership of the association to over five thousand members.

TO Japet, Charlton will continue to advocate for the highest UVM standards as the group of companies provides key safety, environmental sustainability and education services in right-of-way (right-of-way) management services to utilities across the country.

According to Charlton, “I am honored to join the team of passionate and permanent professionals of Japet companies as they continue to apply innovative risk management and solution-oriented thinking. This industry benefits greatly from the Japet the corporate risk management approach and its integrated solutions. The challenges for utility companies and the energy sector become more and more complex every year, as infrastructure deteriorates and the industry faces increasing demands. There are more ecological pressures and more storms. I witnessed how the Japet The team delivers lasting efficiencies to utility companies and how committed they are to fostering environmental sustainability and a culture of safety. As a Senior Advisor, I look forward to further promoting these crucial services and values, while sharing insights on opportunities. I am delighted to be working alongside these dedicated individuals to promote excellence in the industry. “

Tej singh, Chief Operating Officer of Iapetus, said: “Phil’s expertise and reputation is unmatched. With Phil as an asset to the team, we are better able to tailor our integrated infrastructure services and hiring practices to our clients’ most pressing needs and to the changing needs of the industry. We owe our success to our entrepreneurial character and our customer-centric approach, and therefore we greatly value the knowledge and advice of such an authority in vegetation management. Phil really cares about making exponential inroads in hardening the grid, ensuring energy security and reliability, and implementing sound green practices. We are confident that our shared philosophy will ensure gains for utilities and energy companies, the environment, the workforce, the community and, most importantly, energy consumers across the country. “

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Iapetus Holdings LLC is a private portfolio, owned by minorities and veterans, of energy and utility companies and alternative investments. Based at Houston, texas, Japet brings an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking approach and a group of experienced people with diverse backgrounds in finance, energy, security, risk management, marketing, human resources and various others spectra. The Japet suite is a multi-million dollar portfolio with more than 400 employees in seven offices across the United States, efficiently structured to deliver optimal results to clients. Operating companies include Atlas Commodities, Atlas Field Services, Atlas Retail Energy, Soaring Eagle Technologies, Gold Coast Utility Specialists and Hyperion Safety Environmental Solutions. Iapetus is the proud sponsor of Atlas Scholars, a 501c3 non-profit organization. For more information, visit iapetusllc.com.

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