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City of Mississauga’s Budget Allocator, an interactive online budgeting tool for Budget 2022, is now live. Residents and business owners can explore and learn more about specific city services included in the budget while gaining insight into the overall budget process. The Budget Allocator tool raises public awareness of the City’s budget process, collects public feedback on the impacts of spending choices, and allows residents and business owners to express their views on the City’s budget.

“Public engagement on spending in tax dollars is so important to us. For the past seven years, we have used the Budget Allocator tool to gather important public input on budget priorities and key considerations, ”said Mayor Bonnie Crombie. “With this tool, residents and business owners can get involved, express themselves and learn more about the business planning and budgeting process in the City. It also gives us a good idea of ​​public priorities when we sit as Council to review the overall City budget.

The Budget splitter allows residents to test different spending options for a range of City services including transit, roads, winter maintenance, fire and emergency services, recreation and more by increasing , maintaining or decreasing the budget spent for each service area while balancing the budget.

The allocator’s results received by Friday October 15 will be shared with the Budget Committee on Monday November 22, 2021. The results will help inform the Board’s decision on the proposed budget and business plan for 2022.

Stay informed and get involved in the City’s 2022 Budget and Business Plan:

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