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E-commerce has a wide range of small businesses, some booming, others struggling, but every year there are many new ones trying their luck. Due to a relatively quick and inexpensive start, selling goods or services online looks very promising, however, it also contains a lot of rocks and underwater currents. Managing online payments is one of them. Even today, many small stores and service providers that have little more than an Instagram account as their sales channel still operate by cash, check, or direct card-to-card transfer. Which is not only illegal, but very dangerous for both customers and businesses. And, of course, it never seems trustworthy to customers, so small businesses that choose this mode of payment processing lose a lot of potential customers.

When this dilemma arises, many who want to stay legal and secure have to decide which online acquirer, bank, or trading platform or intermediary to choose. Here are some stories of people who have started their own e-commerce business and faced with the problem of properly processing online payments, have chosen Connectum Limited as their online acquisition partner.

Jonas runs an artisanal and artistic pottery workshop. His business was built on word of mouth, attending fairs, exhibitions and various tourism events where he sold his craft, took orders and networked. It all ended with the pandemic effectively cutting off all of its possible sales channels. But instead of shutting down, he decided to try selling his products online, hoping to go beyond the local market as well. His first idea was to use one of the online platforms to set up a small craft store. They took care of his payments and had the ability to easily set up a web page. At first, it seemed like a good choice, but Jonas soon realized that he easily got lost among thousands of other artisans with similar products and that the platform took a significant chunk of every sale that he made. he was performing for their services. That’s why he decided to invest in building his own website and register with an online acquirer. He says he chose Connectum because of the price. His main concern was getting rid of scam commissions, and Jonas says Connectum has fully delivered on their promises, with their flexible pricing. He was able to get started quickly and is able to handle all of his payments on his own, while saving money on accounting services. “I ship all over the world now and can keep my prices affordable because I don’t spend anything more. “

Sarah is a certified vet and during the pandemic she turned to online counseling. She has created a shop with a small landing page and an instagram account where she blogs about animal care and pet rescue. She chose Connectum as her acquiring partner because seeing a clear and transparent payment process is something that makes her clients trust her services. She used to work with PayPal, but not everyone has a PayPal account and in some places it is actually not possible to get one. Her clients come from many countries and she has opted for simple payment options. She says being able to pay with a regular card is something her customers are looking for and that Connectum’s anti-fraud policy has really helped in a number of cases where people have attempted to make illegal chargebacks.

Anita runs an SMM agency, helping individuals and businesses turn their social media accounts into sales channels. She has hundreds of clients and has to process a large amount of payments each month. Of course, with such a flow of small payments, it’s inevitable that a situation will arise where help is needed, whether it’s a customer error or a technical issue. She previously worked with one of the largest European banks for online acquisition and was totally dissatisfied with their technical support. They would only be available from 9 to 5 European Standard Time and she could wait a long time for an operator to pick up her query, being mixed up between many IVRs. She chose Connectum because they promised a personal account manager and 24/7 tech support. “I’m not disappointed,” she said, far from it. I once had a situation that required the immediate attention of a specialist on the payment processor side, and it was already past 8pm. I had a very angry customer on one side and I was ready for him to ask for a refund. But to my surprise, a tech support operator immediately responded to my request and the situation was dealt with promptly and very professionally. This is what I look for in service providers.

Whether it’s round-the-clock technical support, a one-on-one approach to pricing, or quick and easy registration and maintenance, Connectum aims to make life easier for small business owners. e-commerce companies so that they can focus on their business rather than on its administration.

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