Grant will provide housing for survivors of human trafficking


CONCORD, NH (AP) – Officials say a housing assistance program for survivors of human trafficking will be developed in New Hampshire with a federal grant, making it the first transitional housing in this guy in the state.

Concord Monitor reports that a grant of $ 600,000 will be used to sign a lease for a building in central New Hampshire and hire staff to help women fleeing sex trafficking at a safe and restorative home, “Brigid’s House of Hope.”

The executive director of the new program, Bethany Cottrell, said it has been recognized for years that the biggest gap in services is housing for survivors and victims of human trafficking, and this grant will help identify those in need of services and allow independence to transition to the community. Cottrell is also the Director of Social Services for Merrimack County.

The house will have room for six women when it opens, but the goal is to accommodate eight eventually and provide up to a year and a half of support.

Housing planning began in 2018 and was delayed by the pandemic. Prisons and prisons have referred women whose involvement in the criminal justice system is linked to their history of trauma and exploitation.

Cottrell said Brigid’s House of Hope will eventually expand the types of supports available, including housing assistance for survivors who may not be well suited to community living, and will help male survivors and those who have families.


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