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While making money is definitely a fun part of being an entrepreneur, managing that money is a lot less exciting. Not all entrepreneurs have an accounting or bookkeeping background, but that doesn’t make bookkeeping any less essential for your business. Good bookkeeping will help you understand the financial health of your business at all times and is crucial for filing your taxes correctly and on time.

If you need a little help getting aligned with finances, it’s time to check out the Premium Accounting & CPA Training Pack. Valued at $ 3,200, it’s on sale now for just $ 34.99.

This set of 16 courses is led by Robert Steele, a Chartered Accountant (CPA) with over a decade of teaching experience. The bundle covers a wide range of topics, from setting up a partnership to complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

You will get a general overview of accounting, covering statement of cash flows, financial statements, management accounting, cost accounting and much more. From there, you’ll dive into more specific courses in business accounting, partnership accounting, non-profit accounting, government accounting, and more. Finally, you will get acquainted with some advanced accounting topics including Cost Benefit Analysis (CVP), Responsibility Accounting and Performance Measurement, Liabilities and much more. By the end of the package, you will have a set of foundational accounting skills that will help you better manage your business money without having to bring in someone new.

Take your accounting skills to the next level. Right now, you can get the Premium Accounting and CPA Certification Training Pack for just $ 34.99 for a limited time. Plus, with this limited time offer, you’ll earn $ 10 store credit within 14 days of purchase if you spend at least $ 50 in store, as long as your total exceeds $ 50 after any return.

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