Enjoy Salt City Market’s Cake Bar with your SU Meal Plan

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Thanh Nguyen, a Cake Bar employee who helps owner Duyen Nguyen decorate the cakes, said deciding to accept meal plan cards from Syracuse University was pretty straightforward. The decision came after a meeting with SU Cafeteria Services, which was looking to increase the number of SU students visiting the bakery.

“We want to benefit SU students when they come here,” Thanh said.

The Cake Bar is one of the vendors of a diverse range of food like Jamaican, Vietnamese, Thai and Soul food at Salt City Market on South Salina Street. The open space is constantly buzzing with people from all over central New York visiting the restaurants in the market, including Erma’s Island, Miss Prissy’s and Mamma Hai. Known for its delicious pastries and intricately decorated cakes, Cake Bar recently announced that SU students can use their meal plan cards at the bakery.

Alena Sober, a freshman at SU, visited the Salt City market several times during her first semester.

“It’s an exciting atmosphere and a great place to be with friends,” Sober said. She’s interested in returning and is looking to try new pastries, including Cake Bar’s Castella Caramel Flan.

Cake Bar offers many other treats, including two of its menu items that Thanh says attract repeat customers: the Lotus Biscoff Cake, consisting of a chocolate cake with buttercream and caramel, and its original milk tea with boba. Cake Bar has been busier than usual over the past two weeks due to more people requesting custom cakes, Thanh said.

The Cake Bar owner hopes SU students will visit regularly as they prepare for Valentine’s Day. The holiday is one of the busiest days of the year for the bakery, as it receives a multitude of design requests. Duyen also plans to create new confections at the bakery in the coming months.

Nguy is currently planning to open another Cake Bar location on Marshall Street that will also accept meal plan cards.
Meghan Hendericks | photo editor

Thanh’s goal of building community through cake has come true as she serves locals every day, she said. She has befriended many clients who work at nearby local businesses and said it was one of her favorite parts of working there.

“There are always new customers, however, many shop there regularly,” she said.

Katrina Dela Rosa, a freshman at SU, had been wanting to go to the Salt City Market Cake Bar for a while.

“(Salt City Market is) a great meeting place for friends in downtown Syracuse,” Dela Rosa said. However, she thinks the place is a little too remote to attend regularly.

Duyen has more in store for SU students. She plans to open another Cake Bar location on Marshall Street, which will continue to accept SU meal plan cards. This happened after Duyen realized that Salt City Market was not very close to campus and could be inconvenient for students.

Thanh said the project was exciting for Cake Bar as it would be the company’s standalone site.

“That’s it for the students,” she said.


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