Dougherty Co. plans to get rid of ‘dumps’

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) — Some Dougherty County business owners may soon receive cleanup notices for their properties.

County commissioners say they have received complaints about dumps in industrial and residential areas.

Stewards also said they receive calls daily about congested construction sites. Some ways they seek to resolve issues are through anonymous reporting and by reviewing existing orders.

District 6 County Commissioner Anthony Jones, along with many other commissioners, said the majority of their calls were about yards full of cars.

Anthony Jones said the majority of calls he gets from constituents are about the dumps. (WALB)

“The majority of my calls are about code enforcement and there’s always one word that gets in the way and that word is ordinance. Everyone around them is trying to have a nice well-kept yard and then you have someone. one with 50 cars in the yard. We need to go back on those orders and look at the one we have the most complaints about,” Jones said.

Marshal Nathaniel Norman, director of code enforcement, said that is what they are doing now. And they plan to have new orders ready to present to the commission in a few months.

“There are ordinances created in the early 80s and 90s that are not conducive. So yeah, I’m looking at some of those cases,” Norman said.

Working to clean up industrial businesses, the county will send notices to owners who violate the code. Director of Planning and Development Services Paul Forgey said it was a warning before code enforcement got involved.

“We want to apply the rules evenly. We don’t want anyone to feel like we’re picking on them, so we’re going to find all possible violations of that nature and fix them,” Forgey said.

Paul Forgey, Dougherty County Director of Planning and Development
Paul Forgey, Dougherty County Director of Planning and Development(WALB)

Commissioners say neighbors are often afraid to report violations, but the director of code enforcement said it’s not something they should be worried about.

“We do not relay who filed the complaint. We try to make sure there is no retaliation, so we keep all of our complainants fair with our office,” Norman said.

The county plans to send notices to businesses within the next two weeks.

Business owners can call ahead and see if they are one of the violators by contacting Paul Fogy at 229-3021848.

To report cases to code enforcement, call 311. Anyone can remain anonymous.

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