Council Pursues Duplex Housing Considerations – Kiowa County Signal

By Joanna Henry
Special freelance journalist at Signal

In a brief meeting last Tuesday evening, the Greensburg City Council met with all members present. The meeting started with the full approval of the agenda, then the discussions moved forward.

The board had to consider nominations for a new board being formed. This group will be a grant review committee for the South Central Community Foundation and will consist of five to seven community members. Seven names were presented to the committee for consideration in an effort to have a wide range of people who could serve. They deliberated to have a council representative who would also be part of this committee. A motion was made to approve the individuals on the list to serve on the Grant Review Committee. The movement was seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

Council members then moved on to the items on the agenda, which began with consideration of an application for the low income housing program. The aim is to work with Duncanburger Construction to build duplex housing in the city. The application was almost identical to the 2021 version, but the program invested more money in the grant. It is proposed to adopt the resolution authorizing this request which is adopted unanimously.

The next item was related to this request and concerned the land reserve properties that had been donated and a motion was made to allow the use of these properties pending approval of the above request. One item of tertiary activity was a request to purchase 302 West Wisconsin for the purpose of building a garage. They discussed the sale of the property in council and reviewed various land rules on how to sell the land. The board also reviewed city bylaws and the priority established by previous buildings. After talks, a motion was presented to approve the sale of 302 West Wisconsin and it passed unopposed.

They moved forward to discuss the standard agreement with Mckee for accounting services and the preparation of the 2024 budget. A motion was presented to approve this recurring contract and the motion passed without protest. The final item on the agenda was for members of the Greensburg City Council to honor the flag salute at the start of their September 6 meeting.

Courtesy picture the nomination of a voting delegate for the League of Municipalities of Kansas. A recommendation was made for Christie to be appointed as a delegate and a motion was approved and completed the points.

They switched to the city staff reports that were standard. The city pool is closed for the season, several grants are due at short notice, Lochner is still trying to schedule the drilling of the well at the airport. The police department’s monthly report was also discussed as well as the completion of Constable Wood’s training program. With no comments from the governing body, the meeting was adjourned.

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