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Gibson Dunn’s extensive team of attorneys bring decades of experience representing auditors in complex accounting investigations and litigation. Our experience spans the spectrum of all types of matters, from the handling of regulatory and civil disputes resulting from restatements of financial results (including fraud by the audited companies themselves) to all types of professional services disputes to which accounting firms are facing. We have extensive experience of practicing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, the US Department of Justice and other regulatory bodies on behalf of accounting firms and their employees. Our team includes one of the most experienced former members of the PCAOB Enforcement and Investigations Division currently in private practice, as well as former Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Chairs of the ABA and other committees of bar associations focused on accounting issues. Our experience enables us to provide exceptional compliance and other advice to companies under the jurisdiction of the SEC and PCAOB, and to advocate for companies and individuals in a wide range of enforcement investigations and proceedings. disciplinary.

In addition, our attorneys regularly represent accounting firms and professionals in private actions such as shareholder disputes and other business disputes such as employment and contract matters. We have time and time again obtained successful resolutions for our clients in these civil lawsuits.

In the area of ​​audit regulation, investigation and defense in particular, we have extensive knowledge of the PCAOB and SEC rules and standards governing the audit profession, extensive experience in advising clients at across a wide variety of regulatory hurdles, and an unrivaled trial and appeals team that has handled complex litigation in all areas. Our experience in this area includes cross-border regulatory and litigation matters, matters involving investigations under Section 10A, matters involving audit committees, criminal investigations and prosecutions, challenges to administrative rules and regulations, and private securities litigation. We have handled all types of cases for the “big four” accounting firms (representing both US and non-US member firms and their staff), including experience in “one firm” litigation. Our lawyers also have experience in advising both firms and regulatory authorities in relation to sectoral and financial regulatory rules and standards in Europe.

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