Christi Fraga – Candidate for Mayor of Doral

Campaign website:

Current job:
Principal owner of South Florida Small Business Solutions: a bookkeeping and property management company.

Political experience:
Miami Dade County School Board Member – District 5: 2020–Present

Served as Doral Town Councillor, Vice-Mayor: 2012-2020
Board Member, Miami-Dade County League of Cities

Member, Miami-Dade County Value Adjustment Board

What is the most pressing issue facing the city and how would you propose to deal with it?

In recent years, the eyes of the world have turned to South Florida, especially Doral, for its dynamic, multicultural and rapidly growing economy, its location in Miami-Dade and because Doral is a place where we value family. A place full of dynamic, educated and hardworking people. Doral’s challenges include ensuring public safety and smart controlled growth, making additional infrastructure improvements, addressing traffic issues, and implementing fiscal policies that will enable us to deliver high quality services in a transparent and efficient. As your next mayor, I will face these challenges head-on, with an out-of-the-box, results-oriented approach.

How are you going to manage the demographic growth of our city, especially with the recent arrival of illegal immigrants?

I had the good fortune to serve Doral for just over nine years, which allowed me to build relationships with many local, state and federal elected officials. It is a challenge that we cannot meet alone. This has a direct impact on public safety, our homes and our schools. We need to adopt a multi-agency approach to meet this challenge. Local government will provide much-needed space to continue to educate, facilitate information and provide resources. We will work with local organizations and other government agencies to secure federal and state funding to ensure that our services and quality of life remain at the highest standards.

Do you think the city should increase its police force?

ABSOLUTELY! The city has seen a population growth of more than 70% in 10 years, also taking into account the passing traffic that passes through our city daily, and we are below the national average for the number of police officers we should have in our department. You can invest a lot of dollars in equipment, technology, etc., but if you’re not investing in recruitment and retention, you’re not investing in public safety. Our city must be a city of law and order. I propose to create and re-establish task forces focused on proactive community policing, establishing ZERO tolerance for drugs and crime, because the safety of our children and families is of paramount importance.

A personal message to voters:

Doral is a young and vibrant city, and I remain committed to making it a great place to live and raise a family. As your representative, I have worked tirelessly and effectively to remain an independent, sensible voice for our residents and have always worked to seek consensus to ensure consistent governance. As the next mayor, I will work hard to implement common sense solutions, ensure transparency and improve communication with our residents. Together, we can create a model city that our residents can be proud of. This November 8e once again, I humbly ask for your support.

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