Children’s Books Facing Divorce and Other Challenges

In our Ask A Founder series this fall, we follow 10 female founders on their entrepreneurial journey. Thousands of women have experienced our Self made virtual business coaching program, led by Brit + Co founder Brit Morin and sponsored by our friends at Office Repository OfficeMax. Here we ask Selfmade graduate and Pitch Day winner Sara Olsher about her business Powerful and brightwho designs tools to help kids deal with life’s challenges, her productivity tips and how she celebrates small victories.

How would you describe your brand in five words? Friendly, honest, fun, inclusive and encouraging.

What vibe do you want your brand to evoke? I want you to feel like you’re getting a big hug from someone who loves you and wants to see you thrive.

What was your aha moment before starting your business? Children understand MUCH more than we give them credit for, and we need to treat them like the little humans they are, with the same basic needs as adults.

What is one thing you wish you had known as an entrepreneur? You don’t have to start out big and flashy with lots of venture capital money to build a business that can back you up. AND you shouldn’t think too small either! Find out how to pay yourself what you’re worth.

How do you get yourself in the right headspace to start your day? I’ve created a fun work environment — my desk has disco balls and a very bright striped background, for example — and I keep my tasks organized in Trello so I always know what’s happening next on the to-do list.

sara olsher

How do you balance the practical and creative aspects of your business? I love coming up with ideas for new products, designing them and seeing them turn into a real, tangible object. Balancing that with the boring stuff is tough. I try to outsource as many things I hate as possible (accounting was number one!).

How do you celebrate small victories? I usually take a screenshot and add it to a “wins” list in Trello, where I can see it every day.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken so far? I moved to another state and continued my business full time (as a single mom). It seemed quite risky.

Entrepreneurship is a 24/7 commitment. What is your favorite form of self-care? Probably the biggest have been setting appropriate boundaries and only surrounding myself with people who bring me joy.

What is the most powerful thing you do in your day? I never lost sight of the lifestyle I wanted when I started this business. As a cancer survivor, my whole life revolves around my daughter and self-care. I drop her off and pick her up from school every day, and I take breaks when I need to.

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What are your favorite snacks? Green smoothies, lentil chips and sweets.

How do you give yourself breaks? I go for walks with my friends (Oregon is great for that) or go out with my parents. I meet people for lunch or talk on the phone with distant friends. If I have an “I don’t feel like doing anything” day, I’ll just watch Netflix all day. As long as it’s only one day, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

How have Office Depot OfficeMax services/products helped you grow your business? I’m such a convert from Office Depot – I never realized how awesome they were until Selfmade. It’s great to order something online and then be able to go to the store and pick it up the same day. By the way, I love that I can choose to have them donated to my daughter’s school.

How have Office Depot OfficeMax services/products helped you accomplish more in your business? It’s great not having to wait for something I ordered online to arrive.

What does the word “self-made” mean to you? I support myself without anyone’s help. And honestly, it’s amazing.

Thank you Sarah! Starting small but thinking big is great advice for any entrepreneur. Throughout your career, Office Depot OfficeMax can help stay organized and save time with a sequence of business services to help you accomplish more – than signs, posters and banners to advertise your business Promotional material to bring your brand vision to life. We are here to help you from start to success.

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