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AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asure Software, Inc., (ASUR), a leading provider of cloud-based human capital management (“HCM”) software solutions, today announced We have now agreed to be a preferred provider of tax reporting software and services to PrismHR, a leading provider of HR solutions for PEOs, ASOs and their clients.

The agreement includes integration between Asure’s FlexTax payroll tax reporting engine and PrismHR’s payroll system, currently used by more than 80,000 organizations. It also offers PrismHR clients access to Asure Payroll Tax Management Services, a flexible suite of options that allow clients to outsource payroll tax reporting based on their needs and budget, with the ability to scale and adapt to other service plans as their needs change, without changing platforms.

“This new partnership provides an opportunity to significantly expand our payroll tax business in the PEO and ASO markets, while enabling PrismHR to provide an alternative, standalone tax reporting solution that complements its existing HR portfolio,” said said Pat Goepel, President and CEO of Sure. “Our deep expertise in the complex payroll tax landscape uniquely positions Asure to provide not only a user-friendly software solution to PrismHR customers, but also the experienced guidance and support of a knowledgeable team of payroll tax experts. .”

The Asure Payroll Tax Management division provides software and services to help businesses of all sizes with payroll tax reporting. Delivered via a SaaS model with SOC 1 compliant security controls, the FlexTax payroll solution offers an intuitive interface to capture, view and monitor all aspects of their payroll tax reporting process. The solution’s new Tax Portal feature provides 24/7 online access to their tax return, agency status and payment details. Asure’s highly scalable payroll tax service supports multi-state filing, which is increasingly important as companies expand remote hiring across state lines.

“HR is constantly changing in the wake of the pandemic, particularly with regard to high volume hiring and the significant expansion of remote employees. These two factors dictate the need for a payroll tax filing solution that is robust, scalable, and easy to use, as well as equipped to navigate the patchwork of multistate filings and changing jurisdictions,” said Rodney Murrell, vice -President, Payroll Tax Management. at Asure. “These are key features of Asure’s standalone payroll tax reporting solution that will be essential for many PEOs and ASOs served by PrismHR.”

The integration between Asure’s payroll tax reporting system and PrismHR’s payroll solution is scheduled to go live on October 1.

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Asure (ASUR) is a leading provider of Human Capital Management (“HCM”) software solutions. We help small and medium-sized businesses grow by helping them build better teams with the skills to stay compliant with ever-changing federal, state, and local tax jurisdictions and labor laws, and better allocate cash to that they can spend their financial capital to develop. their business rather than back-office overhead. Asure’s human capital management suite, named Asure HCM, includes cloud-based payroll, tax, and time and attendance software, as well as human resources (“HR”) services ranging from HR to full outsourcing of payroll and HR personnel. We also offer these products and services through our network of reseller partners. Visit us at


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