As midway project FM 1092 launches bid, some members of the Missouri city council still oppose


The Texas Department of Transportation plans to install medians along 5.8 miles of FM 1092 from the freeway. 59 to the highway. 6 in the city of Missouri. (Courtesy of Fotolia)

Although the Texas Department of Transportation has started collecting bids for the construction contract for the 5.8-mile median installation project along FM 1092, several members of the Missouri City Council still have concerns about the progress of the project.

Construction on the FM 1092 median installation project, also known as Murphy Road, is expected to begin in winter and take seven months, according to TxDOT officials.


TxDOT said the goal of the $ 4 million project – which is funded as part of its Road Zero initiative to stop road fatalities – is to increase safety and reduce the number of road accidents. .

Over the past several months, elected officials and City of Missouri staff have worked with TxDOT to resolve several intersections where access to residential neighborhoods and businesses was a concern.

While council members Floyd Emery and Anthony Maroulis thanked TxDOT for agreeing to the proposed changes to the project blueprints, they both spoke about installing medians along the road at a city council meeting. September 7.

” I do not think so [FM] 1092 in its current state is only conducive to medians because of the requirement for U-turns at some of our major intersections, ”said Emery. “For me, if you’re trying to promote safety, you don’t. You will create additional security concerns.

Additionally, Missouri City Police Chief Mike Berezin said he didn’t see how medians would help resolve crashes on FM 1092.

“Most of our collisions on Murphy Road are rear-end collisions,” Berezin said. “The medians aren’t going to help that at all. We need more ways. Congestion is our problem. The medians are going to be a nightmare for us.

Carlos Zepeda, TxDOT’s regional engineer for Fort Bend and Waller counties, said he understood the council’s concerns but had seen other access management projects promote safe driving conditions, citing a recent example from Pearland.

“[Pearland] had exactly the same concerns, but I can tell you that it certainly increased the safety of the pavement, ”Zepeda said.

Maroulis called on TxDOT to focus on the congestion problem instead of installing medians.

“I really think TxDOT should solve the congestion we have,” said Maroulis. “I know we did signage, I know we did striping, I know we did a lot. At the end of the day, we have a congestion problem and that’s what you should be fixing. We need capacity, not roadblocks.

Despite the setback, Shashi Kumar, director of public works for Missouri City, said the project would progress as planned.

“It’s a TxDOT corridor; TxDOT evolves with the project, [and] as we have shared with you, the majority of concerns have been resolved, ”Kumar said.

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