Arizona-Based Accounting Firm Solves a Huge Problem for Small Business Owners

Citrine Accounting bridges the gap for small business owners who are drowning with day-to-day accounting.

In starting a small business, the business owner usually plays several roles. One of these roles is the arduous task of bookkeeping. In the first few months of production, this seems more than achievable, but as sales are made and projects need to be implemented, it becomes increasingly difficult to balance all these tasks.

From there, business owners have a choice. Do you hire a full-time accountant, pay full salary and benefits before you’re ready? Or do you continue to stretch yourself, presumably diverting attention from projects that are crucial to keeping you in business?

Citrine Accounting is launching a new platform it would bring full accounting attention for as low as $3/day. The platform will offer both online and in-person work in bookkeeping, tax services and strategic accounting framework.

Owner Fannie Hershberger has a very specific mindset for startups and wants to help build strong structures early on to make accounting work seamless as your business grows.

Readers are encouraged to use the contact information below if they want to know how the program works. Mention this article in your consultation call for a “press only” giveaway.

Media Contact
Company Name: Citrine Accounting and Taxes LLC
Contact person: Fannie Hershberger
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

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