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Fidelity is a household name in the investment world for both new and advanced investors.

In fact, it’s likely that you’ve come across a Fidelity study or two while browsing normal business news, especially in retirement:.

Fidelity Investments offers financial advice, pension plans, wealth management, trading and brokerage services. Users can take advantage of commission-free trading on many types of securities, zero-fee index funds, low margin rates, tax-efficient IRA accounts, managed portfolios, comprehensive tools and advanced in-depth research from more than 20 independent suppliers.

Below, Select reviews the offerings of Fidelity Investments to give you details of the investment options, features and fees so you can decide if it is right for your needs.

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Review of Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments

Information about Fidelity Investments has been independently collected by Select and has not been reviewed or provided by Fidelity Investments prior to publication.

  • Minimum deposit and balance

    Minimum deposit and balance requirements may vary depending on the investment vehicle chosen. No minimum to open a Fidelity Go account, but a minimum balance of $ 10 for the robo-advisor to start investing. Minimum balance of $ 25,000 for planning and personalized advice from Fidelity

  • Costs

    The fees may vary depending on the chosen investment vehicle. No commission fees for stocks, ETFs, options trades and certain mutual funds; no transaction fees for over 3,400 mutual funds; $ 0.65 per option contract. Fidelity Go is free for balances under $ 10,000 (above $ 3 per month for balances between $ 10,000 and $ 49,999; 0.35% for balances over $ 50,000). Fidelity Personalized Planning & Advice has an advisory fee of 0.50%

  • Premium

  • Investment vehicles

  • Investment options

    Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, CDs, options and fractions of shares

  • Educational resources

    Comprehensive tools and in-depth industry-leading research from over 20 independent vendors


  • No commission fees for transactions in stocks, ETFs, options
  • No transaction fees for over 3,400 mutual funds
  • Fidelity Go Robot Advisor (free for balances under $ 10,000)
  • Fidelity hybrid robot service Personalized planning and advice
  • Limited time offer of $ 100
  • Many educational tools and resources
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Over 100 physical branches across the United States for face-to-face support

The inconvenients

  • Fidelity Go charges $ 3 per month for balances between $ 10,000 and $ 49,999; 0.35% for balances over $ 50,000
  • Fidelity Personalized Planning & Advice requires a minimum balance of $ 25,000 and an advisory fee of 0.50%
  • Some Fidelity mutual funds require you to meet specific thresholds
  • Platform outage reports during busy days

Investment options

Fidelity Investments does not charge any commission for trading stocks, ETFs, options and certain mutual funds. Fidelity also offers CDs, bonds, and fractions of shares (called Stocks by the Sliceâ„ ), but not currency and futures trading. And, if you want to get a head start on saving for your child’s college education, you can do so with Fidelity’s 529 college savings plans.

Less active traders can use its robo-advisor option called Fidelity Go®, where Fidelity will suggest a mix of investments to help keep your savings goal on track. You will also receive monthly progress updates via email that show investment activity in your account. Fidelity Go accounts invest in a Fidelity Flex zero expense ratio® mutual funds that do not charge a management fee or, with a few exceptions, a fund fee.

And when you need specific financial advice, you can opt for the robo-advisor hybrid service, Fidelity® Personalized planning and advice. In addition to automated investment management, your hybrid account also includes unlimited one-to-one coaching calls from a team of Fidelity advisors.

Fidelity Go and the hybrid product both charge an advisory fee, see “Fees” section for more information.

Fidelity helps you save for retirement with its Traditional, Roth and Rollover IRAs. It also offers a Fidelity HSA®, or health savings account, where you can pay for eligible medical expenses in a tax-efficient manner until retirement.


Index funds are one of the easiest ways to invest, and Fidelity makes buying these assets even more affordable than usual. The broker offers the following index funds that have zero expense ratios (in addition to no commission fees): Fidelity ZEROâ„  Total Market Index Fund, Fidelity ZEROâ„  International Index Fund, Fidelity ZEROâ„  Large Cap Index Fund and Fidelity ZERO â„  Extended Market Index Fund. Fidelity also sets itself apart by offering many choices of low expense ratios and thousands of mutual funds with no transaction fees.

Fidelity’s research is more than sufficient with third-party vendors such as Thomson Reuters, Ned Davis Research and Recognia. Its educational resources include tools and calculators, such as:

  • Fidelity Retirement Scoreâ„ : See how you’re tracking your retirement goals with a tool that delivers your retirement score in just 60 seconds when you answer six simple questions.
  • Armor trade®: Manage entry and exit trading strategies using 10 pieces of information with this tool.
  • Fidelity Estate Planner®: Access an online service that guides you through the estate planning process and helps you identify a lawyer.
  • Fidelity Five Money Musts: Learn how to manage money in the real world with this online game.

At the time of writing, new users can also take advantage of a limited time offer of $ 100 when they open and fund a qualifying account with promo code: FIDELITY100.

Fidelity customer service is available 24/7 via email, phone or live chat, and you can even meet a representative in one of Fidelity’s in-person locations at over 100 physical branches across United States.

It’s easy to manage your Fidelity investments on the go. The Fidelity Investments app is available for free download in the App Store (for iOS), where it has 4.8 / 5 stars (and nearly 2 million reviews), and on Google Play (for Android), where it has 4.4 / 5 stars at the time of writing.


Minimum deposit and balance requirements vary depending on the Fidelity account you select.

While there is no minimum required to open a Fidelity Go account, your account balance must be at least $ 10 for Fidelity to start investing your money. the robo-advisor is free for balances under $ 10,000 (thereafter, $ 3 per month for balances between $ 10,000 and $ 49,999; 0.35% for balances over $ 50,000).

The hybrid robot service, Fidelity Personalized Planning & Advice, requires a minimum balance of $ 25,000 to start. There is also an annual advisory fee of 0.50%, which Fidelity estimates the total cost to be $ 10.42 per month for a balance of $ 25,000.

Commission-free transactions can be done with stocks, ETFs, options, and some mutual funds. There are no transaction fees for more than 3,400 mutual funds, but keep in mind that some Fidelity mutual funds may require you to meet specific funding thresholds. There is a fee of $ 0.65 per option contract. Additional charges and minimums may apply for other titles.

At the end of the line

Fidelity Investments is a complete winner for offering almost anything an investor would need. We are particularly interested in the brokerage for its many tools and educational resources that provide information and analysis that can aid investors’ trading strategies. Fidelity’s index funds with zero expense ratios are also a good advantage for newbies who are looking for an easy, low risk and affordable way to invest in the market.

Those overwhelmed by investment options may want to start with a simple, straightforward robo-advisor like Betterment first. The Betterment Portfolio is made up of low cost, diversified ETFs, which is essential for managing risk when investing in the market. Plus, Betterment charges no minimums and low annual account fees. Read our full Betterment review.

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